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Our core values ​​of passion for the ocean, water sports, top quality and fun are deeply rooted in the Gaastra brand and its products. Gaastra is an authentic Dutch Lifestyle Brand with a heritage that is steeped in its DNA with pure nautical passion.


Nautical Heritage

Functionality has always been part of our DNA. Since the launch of our first clothing line in 1996, we have always strived to combine functionality with fashion. Inspired by the bold spirit and rebellious energy of sailors, we create high-quality and stylish collections for those seeking adventure.


We are always trying to find new ways of doing things. The design and manufacturing processes may involve new, more environmentally friendly materials or high-performance solutions designed to create high-quality, sustainable products. For example, we have developed our own PR-G performance specification system. Read more about the different PR-G specifications here.


As a nautical-oriented brand, we understand the urgency and necessity of a change in the fashion industry. We strive to use recycled materials where possible (re:dawn, repreve) and to use new materials that significantly reduce their impact on the environment (polylana, fair trade certified cotton). We are constantly looking for new solutions and partners that can help us move forward in achieving a low-impact operation. Read more here.

'Once captured by the sailing spirit, your heart belongs to the sea forever' -Douwe Gaastra 1879


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