From august 6 to 11 the 81th Sneekweek takes place and attracts more than thousands of visitors to the birthplace of Gaastra. Each year the Sneekweek starts on the first Saturday of August in the Dutch city Sneek. The official opening will be on Friday at 21:30 with a traditional “vlootschouw”  in the canals of Sneek. This whole happening ends with an impressive firework show at midnight.


Passion for water sports and socializing are the main focus of this event.  The Sneekweek is organized by the Royal Yacht Club Sneek (KWS) and community “Zuidwest“ Friesland. Sailing events in all kinds of different categories takes place during the whole week. Starting with little optimists up to the larger rainbow boats, over a thousand boats will fight for the victory over six days. The award ceremony on Thursday forms the highlight of the races and initiates the party later on.


This week it‘s all about sailing, culture and music. The numerous bars, music stages and cultural events provide plenty of entertainment until the late evening hours. This unique atmosphere during the Sneekweek makes this event irreplaceable.

For the matching regatta look, there is a selected Sneekweek collection.


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