Klaus Wolfsberger and his family are making their dream come true. As from July he is going to embark on an epic journey with his wife, his two daughters Alina and Vita and his sailing boat Maya. The first two stops are Greece and Sicily. We are going to accompany them throughout their great adventure.


Klaus, as the family head and sportsman you are the initiator of the sailing trip idea. How did you come up with the idea of going on a grand sailing voyage with your family?

Klaus: Well, the idea has become stronger over time. I always used to have this dream of sailing and travelling across the sea. Moreover, we as a family always wanted to travel around for a whole year– as long as our daughters Alina and Vita still life with us. Of course this is also a cost issue and after much back and forth, we finally had the idea of living on our sailing boat and travelling just by boat. This saves money and allows us to live our dream. If you have a dream, you can make it come true. There is just one reason why most people hesitate to live their dreams: they are afraid to fail. Since I was little, I have been travelling around – in Europe, in many parts of Africa, in America and in South East Asia. During my studies I have organized and marketed extreme sports adventure projects, for which me and my sportsman colleague travelled round with windsurfing equipment, snowboards and mountain bikes to make films, which we sold to tv stations and to the print media. Since I was a child, there has always been the urge to experience new adventures and I just can’t ignore it.


When did you start sailing? And which other kinds of sport do you practice?

Klaus: Sailing itself – I have only done it once, when we were trying to windsurf from Athens to Rhodes. Due to lack of wind, we had to cancel the venture and me and an experienced skipper went back to Athens by sailing boat – this was in 1997. During the last few years, I have done a theoretical skipper training as well as an essential morse code test. Moreover I bought some sailing DVDs to see how it works. Practically I still have to learn it – nevertheless I know a lot about wind and the open sea, since I have been windsurfing and kitesurfing for 20 years now. Plus I have surfed many long-distance reaches as for example from Indonesia to Malaysia. My personal approach to get to know new kinds of sport has always been a learning by doing one. Apart from kitesurfing and snowboarding, fitness and weight training has always been my passion. I can’t imagine one single day without exercising.


You are boarding the ship and going away in a foursome. Do you sometimes get a queasy feeling about what might happen on your grand journey? How do your daughters feel about the trip?

Klaus: Basic prerequisite for my girlies was, that we take things slowly. That’s also the reason why we decided to start with a smaller sailing boat to gain more experience in the first step. You better ask my daughters themselves how they feel about the trip.

Alina: I am actually looking forward to it, but I am not yet fully convinced, since I am scared of the rough swell and getting seasick. Apart from that I am very optimistic about the whole thing. Of course you sometimes get a queasy feeling, that something might happen to us, but I think that if we take it slow and if we start with shorter passages, we will get used to it very quickly and have fun in the end.

Vita: I am really looking forward to it! I hope that I am not getting seasick, but I don’t think so. As from the very beginning I was positive about this project. Yeahhhh, it’ll be great!


Your journey will begin very soon. What are the things you still have to prepare until July?

Klaus: Yes, in early July we will start our trip and as from then on “The Sailing Family” videos about our adventures will be released every 1-2 weeks on our Youtube channel. You will find more information about that on our website As we decided to go on our trip in January already, most of the preparations are already made. Missing equipment is already on its way in several parcels to Greece, where our journey will begin. In the beginning of July I will meet the boat seller in Kalamata – this is where we will launch our sailing yacht and he will show me all the peculiarities of Maya (the name of our sailing yacht). The plan is to sail together for 1-2 days. After that a friend of mine, who has sailing experience, is gonna sail with me from Kalamata to Sicily – this is gonna be my intense learning-week – round about 500 miles. My family is going to board the ship in Marsala, which is in the South West of Sicily. From this point in time we will start out together and will make the first few trips to the Egadi Islands. Everything else will follow – stay tuned for more.


What made you decide to go for sailing boat “Maya”?

I had a restricted budget. Luckily the prices for boats are very low at the moment and supply is high. After round about 2 weeks of online research, I found Maya. I convinced my family to go on a weekend trip to Athens and drive down to Kalamata by car to have a look at the boat on site. Everyone was stoked – we negotiated and went for it. That was it! So far we know Maya from standing ashore. We are super excited to see her sailing offshore.


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