From Kiel into the world: In 1882 the first Kieler Woche took place. 135 years ago, 120 boats were launched at this event - 25 years later, 6.000 boats already participate in the regattas. In 2016 3,500 teams from over 70 nations from Argentina to Belarus came to Kiel. There were almost 4,000 sailors who sailed on ten regatta courses in 40 disciplines. At the maritime highlight - the traditional “Windjammerparade” - around 80,000 spectators were counted.


This year the largest sailing sports event in the world takes place in Schleswig-Holstein from the 17th to the 25th of June 2017. Moreover, it is the largest summer party in Northern Europe with about three million visitors. Gaastra will be there for the second time this year. Be there this summer when it says: 135 years of Kieler Woche.


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