The leaves keep falling and turn red, brown, yellow and orange, the air is becoming chillier, the days get shorter and our friend the sun doesn’t show up that often anymore. Towards the end of October the trees fully shed their colourful leaves and in the mornings the fog comes out: The third season is there and is perfectly suitable for hiking and long walks through the brilliant colourfulness of nature.

In order to feel warm and to travel safe and sound through the cooler seasons, you will be perfectly equipped for any kind of outdoor activity with the functional jackets, trousers and stylish shoes of the Sports and Yachtclub Collection (Fall/Winter).

Waterproof and windproof jackets with an inside drawstring at waist hight, a large hood and a collar provide all-round protection.

An ankle-high cut and the sturdy treaded sole guarantee good grip.


Beanies, scarves and gloves do not give the nasty draught a chance.



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