For the 66th time in a row, Italy once again will offer a home to sailing fans from all over the world, when the best European sailors will prove their sailing skills on Lake Garda. This year, the Centomiglia, will take place on September the 10th and 11th!

Perfect weather conditions such as constant and strong winds turn this event into one of the most popular and most important lake regattas in Europe.

Starting off early in the morning in the port of Bogliaco, the “hundred miles” will lead the sailors to the north of the lake. The most ambitious sailors are aiming to reach the finishing line in about 8 hours but everything is possible. In the past it has occurred that some sailors stayed afloat until nightfall. 

Year by year, the number of participants is increasing significantly as the regatta gains more and more popularity and also because basically everyone can compete in this race. Currently around 350 (250?) teams with either monohulls, mono type yachts, cabin boats or yachts of the „maxilibera“ class from about 20 different nations are participating. 

The “maxilibera“ class can be seen as a special category as it is one of the most exciting ones, for the teams as well as for the viewers. Sailors have to lead their boats with a length of 12 metres and 20 metres sailing masts to the finishing line. The interesting fact about this is that the weight only consists of the body weight of the sailors, which are often leaning out of their boats to create a balance. 

Still, not only the lake regatta makes the Centomiglia such a unique event: various regattas next to the main one, concerts, open-air bars and local festivities complete a great atmosphere around it.  

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