Trends come and go, but for this one the fashion world seemed to be waiting. So new, a whole unique term has been found: ATHLEISURE, a combination of the words athletic and leisure. Since the last few years the fitness style has conquered everyday street life more and more and the trend does not seem to go anywhere soon. This is not a surprise. Living a healthy and sportive lifestyle has slowly become more and more important in our society. It does not matter whether it is a weekend sailing trip, taking a Pilates class during lunch break or training for a half-marathon in the next big city. One thing is sure, being fit is in.

But what does the typical athleisure style look like? On the one hand, it is about making functional clothing more fashionable and wearable. This is already deeply rooted in the history of Gaastra with our credo “Fashion follows function”. New is, however, a typical gym style such as sweat pants, sweat shirts, bomber jackets, jumpsuits or hoodies with huge prints being designed and bought especially for everyday (business) life. Sweat pants in the office, sweatshirt instead of shirt and sneakers in the executive office. All this is possible thanks to Athleisure.

The upcoming spring collection focusses entirely on this trend. We are already looking forward to the new comfort level entering our wardrobe!



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