Every year the fashion circus comes around almost naturally. But who creates these trends for the next season? Is it the trend scouts or the designers? Are trends a reflection of our society and zeitgeist? Or are we ourselves, changing fashion and encouraging its hype every year?

The German Fashion Institute focuses on trends and developments in fashion and predicts the following trends for summer 2017:

For women, focus is still on statement items in 2017. Silhouettes, materials, fit and details play a big role. Time to go all out ladies! True to the motto: More is more.

For men in 2017 it´s all about diversity, with different styles and hybrid looks. Old may be combined with new, classic with folklore and affordable with luxury. Time to be courageous gentlemen! A playful approach to fashion is absolutely a must in 2017.

For both men and women these themes play a major role in 2017:

CULTURE SURFING: Travel (from Africa to Cuba), other cultures and the Internet, have a strong influence on fashion trends in 2017. Be it in the form of ethnic patterns, traditional prints or colourful details. 2017 will be multi-culti! 


MINDFUL EASE: The new generation longs for simplicity and uncomplicated, neutral fashion. Moreover, fashion should be innovative and light. Discover our lightweight functional jackets.

Jeans will stay a favourite as well. In different shapes and washes this classic never gets out of fashion. 

HYPER REALITY: 2017 will be colourful, bold and loud. Popping colours, metallic looks and striking prints are a hit in 2017. Inspired by the disco look of the 80s and 90s, the New Wave movement and pop culture, we can play with colour as much as we want! Must-have: Athletic Wear (ie sportswear such as bomber jackets, training jackets and - trousers for everyday use) 


CALM COMPLEXITY: Soft fabrics, soothing colors, asymmetrical fits and clear designs ensure peace and inner balance. Back to basics is the core of this trend. The color spectrum covers chalky white, all facets of grey and black and navy. 


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