How did the cooperation between you and Gaastra develop?

I’ve been working for Gaastra for many years. It started with  a corporation with „The Pirates“. They booked me for the very first time to do the Gaastra Blue line. We did it a few times and after a while Gaastra booked me to do the campaign shoots - the big adventure :) And there we go: the world of yachts, open seas and elements. A great thing to do!


How would you explain your style?

About ‘my style’: I love to work with people… love to create moods, love to create images that are open, meaning…unfinished images to be finished by the viewer. I like a film you stop and it goes on in the viewers minds. I like working with light and shadow. There is no light without shadows I think.

In your portfolio we can also see some „experimental“ and fancy pictures. Is it hard for you to get involved in the gaastra style?

My portfolio shows a diversity of moods. So people will be able to see what I do. So it was not hard for me to get involved in the Gaastra style. I try to bring my vision, moods and energy to the shootings. So there will be a touch of me – I always say that it’s not only me who make the images…it’s teamwork! It is important to bring good vibes and keep the energy flowing in order to get great results… What ever ‘problems’ we encounter during our adventure. Keep smiling!

What were the best memories while the shooting for the collection spring/summer 2017?

My memories I have of this shooting is the great team, sun, rain and the energy we all had. It was fun and hard work, the love and the drinks after work…:)  and Moniek who took care of all of us like a mother. 

The interview was held by Sarah Schlifter.



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