Hej Christian, thanks in advance for answering me my questions!
You are model, photographer, father, pilot and a passionate traveler. You must be an all-rounder. How does it all fit together? And is there something you are not good at? ;)

Christian: Hello Sarah, happy to be working with you guys. It doesn't fit together. Haha! Something I'm not good at is choosing what NOT to do. I like too many things! But hanging out with my kids is the best thing I know by far. 

What means fashion for you?

Christian: Fashion to me is about expressing my identity and using the clothes I wear to show who I am or how I feel. 

I think the hype of long beards and bun is over. What do you think was the trigger for that? Why are women attracted to rough guys? 

Christian: I think growing a beard and long hair might have been some sort of rebellion against our society. Showing somehow that the bearded guy is free to go against how you were allowed to look and be free to do what he feels like. I think everyone is attracted to more rough in some way. In general, people are attracted to the idea of being free as a bird, and maybe rough guys symbolises being just that.


All pictures are made by Christian himself.

You are born in Sweden. What are the fashion differences between Swedish people and Germans?

Christian: I think the biggest difference might be that the Swedish style is more strict in patterns, colors and how we choose to match them. A lot of black, white and cream colors. 

In what clothes do you feel most comfortable?

Christian: I mostly feel comfortable in clothes that I can use for both hiking as well as city life. Stretchy wind and rain proof jackets, warm sweaters and so on. But I also like dressing up sometimes. Putting on a blazer, a nice coat, and some fancy shoes. 

The interview was held by Sarah Schlifter.


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