This is the second day of our photo-Shooting for the Gaastra Online-Store in Hamburg. How did you start working as a model?

Joelle: When I was 17 years I was working on a terrace in Amsterdam and someone came to me and asked me if I want to take part in a model contest. It was the Elite Model Contest of the Year. I did a little bit of modeling before, but not full-time. I reached the finals within the contest and so I got a contract with Elite Models. To work as a model is my main job now.

What do you like most: commercial, print shootings or videos?

Joelle: I think the combination is nice.


What do you like the most in this profession?

Joelle: I think the traveling. I meet new people and new places. That all is what it makes so nice.

Is there anything that you would like to achieve right now? Do you have a big dream?

Joelle: I think every girl wants to walk the Victoria Secret Fashion Show, but there are only a few girls who can reach that. A big campaign for a big brand would be nice or the Vogue cover ;)

You knew the brand Gaastra before. What do you like at Gaastra? 

Joelle: The campaigns are always really nice, on boats for example. The pictures are always so great. I have met the team now and it is the team is also really nice to work with.It is sporty and I am sporty, too.

What kind of sports do you do?

Joelle: Kickboxing, dancing, Yoga and horseriding. I would like to learn sailing. 

We make photos for the current spring/summer collection. Is there a piece that you would wear privately?

Joelle: There are a few things I really like. I really like the boat shoes and the jackets. There are a few things I would wear. 

 The interview was held by Sarah Schlifter.


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