The 24 year old from Starnberg, who also works in the Gaastra Flagship Store in Hamburg, tells us in a short interview, why water sports are so fascinating. Together with his team he became German Champion several times.


Hello, Julian! Thank you for taking the time to answer us a few questions for our blog. You live and study in Hamburg- did the Hanse city so close to the sea lead you to sailing? Since when do you practice this sport? 

Julian: Actually, I chose to study in Hamburg as I was practicing competitive sports. It was because of my father, that I developed my passion for sailing since I spent my whole childhood in the yacht club. At the age of 7 I started the “optimist” and since I was 13, I spent my entire leisure time with sailing. I was 15 when I switched to 420 and after my high school diploma to the Olympic 470.

In your opinion, what are the most important qualities of a steersman? 

Julian: On the one side you should be able to stay calm and show sovereignty in front of your team in order to give support. On the other side you should be in control of the boat at any time of the race and try to steer it through the race as quick as possible.

What is so fascinating about sailing? 

Julian: It is a very versatile and challenging sports. Trim, manoeuvre, handling, wind, waves, stream… and that is only a small part of what you have to be able of in order to be successful. 

Why is it that you are in a yacht club in Tutzing instead of sailing for a team of a club in Hamburg?

Julian: 14 years ago I started sailing there and the club has always supported me on my way. Due to that, I want to give something back to my team by bringing success to its name. But so far, I have not been asked by a club in Hamburg to represent it ;)

Together with your club the "Deutscher Touring Yacht Club (DTYC) you became German Champion two times in a row. You are seen as the super team of the season in 2016. Can you describe the feeling, that you get, when you achieve such a victory?

Julian: A victory in such a qualitative and competitive field is always a special feeling. The competition is unbelievebely strong and we are incredibly happy with every new victory!


Next to your studies, you additionally work in the Gaastra Store which is located in that harbour city of Hamburg. How do you manage all of this?

Julian: Of course, I do get a lot of support from Anke, as she tries to give me days off whenever I have a lot to do. Apart from that, I try to contribute as much as I can in the store.  

Which ambitious aims have to set for yourself for 2017?

Julian: I would like fully compete in the national sailing league. Our coach has already planned the aim for the next season, but we are only thinking from one event to the other. We do not necessarily want to defend a title. Next to that I would like to travel with some friends to the "Farr30 'H.E.A.T.' in America in order to defend our status as reigning world champion. However, we are still looking for sponsors in order to be able to pay the journey. I also think there will be a few smaller projects added along the way. 


  The interview has been conducted by Sarah Schlifter.


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