When did you start sailing and how did you start?

I started on the sailboat of my parents when I was six. We went sailing with the family on the lakes around Berlin and I had actually directly liked it a lot. When I was 11 I started training in an optimist on the Müggelsee and started sailing smaller regattas. Then it basically took a life of its own: county team, the German junior team, and sports promotion group.


What fascinates you the most about sailing?

Sailing is probably the most versatile sports in the world; sailing and boat equipment, wind, waves, currents and physical condition are all factors that determine victory or defeat. In addition, you have to concentrate on the one hand 100% on sailing technique and make the boat fast, but then you must also pay attention to the tactics and strategy, shifts the wind, recognize buoys, and put all these points together into a positive result.


How easy is it to combine sailing and studying medicine together? How do you manage to combine these two things?

Sailing is a sport where you have to travel very much. Many races that count for championship points are outside of Europe and also the trainings are often organized in warmer areas such as the Baltic Sea. Therefore it is quite difficult to combine a medicine study with many compulsory attendances with sailing. The first two years – until the “Physikum” exam I have done both in parallel, which was sometimes very exhausting. After the “Physikum” exam, I decided to take a break and concentrate solely at the Olympic Qualification.

You are German champion in the Laser Standard, are first at the International German Championships and the World University Games, the "Olympics" for students. You have participated in regattas in Spain, the USA, France, Australia, Finland and China. And now you took a step back. Why?

I noticed that a medicine study and professional sports do not go together in the long term. Or you do both half-hearted, or you have to focus on one thing only. And that one thing for me is now medicine. In addition to my PhD research, I still sail in the Bundesliga, but really very limited.

What has been your biggest sporting success so far?

Junior European champion in the Star class

3rd place World Cup Melbourne and

1st place German Championships

What major competitions lie ahead this year?

I will sail one or two Bundesliga matches for my club "Seglerhaus am Wannsee “.






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