Sturdy, chic and sporty at the same time- that’s the new multi-functional jacket “San Diego” in a fashionable bomber cut. This jacket is the perfect companion for every outdoor activity because due to its 2-layered GORE-TEX® membrane it is wind- and waterproof as well as extremely breathable. 

In addition to that, the all-weather jacket comes with solid and waterproof cuffs and a high collar with fleece lining, which protects from every stormy weather. 

San Diego is available in strong colours such as navy, royal blue and light grey for men whereas women can chose between navy and light grey.


The GORE-TEX® material is neither a lining nor is it an impregnation, but it is a special membrane. The membrane, that forms the core of all GORE-TEX® products, is a thin layer made of polytetrafluorethylene. In turns, this means that the layer has more than 1.4 billion pores per square centimetre, which means that all products with the GORE-TEX® material possess special characteristics such as breathability, reliable protection against wind and water.

The GORE-TEX® bomber jacket is a chic every-day item, perfect for every kind of outdoor activity. 


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