Currently, we are finding ourselves somewhere in between Fall and Winter- sometimes it is raining, sometimes it is freezing cold and suddenly, the sun is shining again. In a dark season like this one, a good winter jacket is not only essential for our own well-being, it also creates the whole winter look. But what exactly is the perfect winter jacket? The range of jackets is huge and we choose to introduce you to our favourites. 

 Coat Radio

A classical woolen coat which gives every outfit a special nautical flair. With its maritime, golden buttons and the big hood this one differentiates from all other traditional coats. Great in combination with warm boots or shiny sneakers and a cosy scarf. 

Down Coat Wind’s Eye

 This down coat or the short version of it, the down jacket, is a true all-rounder during the cold season. Due to the ultra-warm filling, these coats are the ideal winter jackets and never go out of style. Not only the warm filling makes them the perfect companion, the down jacket is versatile and suits every possible look. 



Winter Coat Dovetail Tech

Practical thinking people, which at the same time like to show up in a sporty figure, will love the functional Dovetail Tech coat. Because of its breathable as well as wind- and waterproof material this coat will get you safely through every weather condition. Useful zippers on the sides will guarantee ample leg room and the inner pocket makes sure that valuables are tucked away safely.

Jacket Rolling

 A casual coat that will definitely let you collect style points with its sporty design with an oversized hood that excellently combines with stylish sneaker. Combined with a scarf and a matching hat you are well prepared for longer city trips. But wait, there is more to come: This Parka is wind and waterproof as well as breathable and a drawstring at waist height creates a feminine figure. Maritime details, such as a small golden anchor and patches round the maritime design off. 



To sum it up: the perfect fall and winter jacket is made up of many different factors. Are you more of a sporty type or prefer the classy look? Which requirements do you need your winter jacket to have? In this year’s Gaastra Fall/Winter Collection every type will be able to find a perfect jacket, either for himself or loved ones. 





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