From sailmaking to fashion

It is modernization, innovation, a new and trendy feeling which defines the current Gaastra Fall/Winter collection 2016-17. In order to be able to reach progress one has to build up on heritage. For that reason the legacy of Gaastra determines the “Sailmaker” collection. The basis for the brand has been set in 1897 by a young Dutchman named Douwe Gaastra, who had the ambitious aim to revolutionize the craftsmanship of the sailing tradition. Since then everything took its course and Gaastra never lost track of its roots during the past hundred years.

 The Sailmaker collection represents a special vintage feeling and urban looks, the focus is on each and individual piece, which attain their uniqueness through the love for details and precision in their implementation. Inspired by craftsmanship, the art of sailing and casual wear, damped colours such as red and green rust, winter white, grey and pink have been used to bring the collection to life



Inspired by the traditional, old Dutch fishing jumpers from 1875-1930, Gaastra presents a strong knitwear core in the sailmaker collection and thus exclusive skipper sweaters for men run through the collection like a recurring theme. Rich knitting patterns with distinct prints, originating from small Dutch fishing towns, turn these into unique pieces.

In line with the innovation strategy, the extension of the pants collection with more and individual fittings is another important feature of the sailmaker collection. This plays a great role, especially for women.1260-Blogbild-Produkte-Sailmaker-FW16



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