Who could imagine sailing without a yacht club to celebrate the exclusive and luxurious sailing lifestyle in a proper way? In a maritime ambience the yacht club combines the passion for the sea with the pulsing life of the sailor. The current Gaastra Yachtclub Collection 2016-17 has been inspired by the lively marine jet set of the Newport Yacht Club on Rhodes Island in the USA.

Founded in 1844 by John Cox in Newport, the “City by the Sea”, the club portrayed the scenery of the social lives of many sailors and became one of the most important and influential clubs for sailing during the last 170 years. At the same time, the Newport Yachtclub attracts sailors and sailing fans from all over the world annually into its harbour for the oldest regatta in the world, the America’s Cup


Typically in this year’s Yachtclub collection is the preppy “all-american lifestyle”. Clear colours such as Baikal Blue, White Pearl, Red and Grey represent the elegant and exclusive lifestyle of the yacht club with classical patterns and pure and clean materials.

Based on the long-standing heritage of the Newport Yachtclub the collection consists of traditional classics. Luxurious striped jumpers, modern chinos for men and maritime knitted blazers compose the centre. Moreover, a knitted poncho for women has been added to complete the intended feeling of the collection.

Rich and maritime artworks form another focus with the use of a lot of copper lurex and discreet ornaments with small flags and nautical accents indicate the love for details of this collection. 



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