„Spring is the time of plans and projects!“ 

When the trees begin to decorate themselves with a green leaf dress again, the spring flowers are turned to the first rays of the sun and we are awakened by the twittering of birds before our alarm clock, that can only mean one thing - spring is in the air!

The earth is leaning towards the sun now, which means the enjoyment of warmer temperatures for us again and perhaps the first scoop of ice cream? The sky shines in a friendly blue, the days become longer and life takes place outside again. The fresh scent of spring makes us look more positively into the day and might awake first spring feelings for one or the other. Finally, nature has banished all the dreary colours and we took this as an example for this year's Spring / Summer collection. With airy light blouses, maritime stripes and fresh colours like sea blue, creamy beige and flattering rose the spring sets in.


Discover our new Gaastra Spring / Summer collection now and find the perfect outfit for an energetic start into the pre-summer period - because:
„Spring is the time of plans and projects!“ (Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina).



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