A true spectacle in the birth city of Gaastra

Nowhere in the world you’ll find an event as unique as this. With 150.000 visitors it is this largest and best known sailing event of the Netherlands.

With 40 sailing classes, more than 750 participating boats and more than 150.000 visitors, the Sneekweek is this largest and best known sailing event of the Netherlands. Every year the Sneekweek starts on the first Saturday of August and is held in the birth city of Gaastra, Sneek. During the Sneekweek the KWS (this stands for ‘Koninklijke Watersportvereniging Sneek’ meaning the royal water sports society of Sneek) organizes sailing races in all known sailing classes on the Sneekermeer in Friesland, the Netherlands.

This year the event take part from 4th until 13th of August with the kick-off on Friday night. The official opening is at 21:00 and at 22:00; there is the traditional fleet show where all the different boat classes sail through the canals of Sneek. The opening concludes with a spectacular firework show around midnight.

The event has grown into a true spectacle with hundreds of sailing boats that make their appearance every year. The participating competitors vary from young to old and come from all parts of the country. Due to all the different classes you can compete as an individual but also compete with your own team to win the desired prices.

Throughout the whole week, the entire region is filled to the brim with activities. During these days the daily life fully revolves around sailing, culture, music and the great atmosphere. As from Saturday the races on the Sneekermeer can be watched from the Starteiland, a little island on the lake. The Starteiland forms the centre of all the sailing activities and is the home base of the sailors.

From there special buses ride back and forth to bring you to the centre of Sneek, with its city centre packed with a big variety of bars, music stages, entertainment and cultural attractions. The atmosphere during this week is unprecedented in its scope and intensity which makes a visit to the Sneekweek worth your while.

More information can be found on the official homepage of the Sneekweek.